So you know how to add images in WordPress ?

add images in WordPress,

A comprehensive guide to add images in WordPress – Part 1- Media Library

Adding images is a powerful way to convey a message. They keep your visitors interested in your post. Like most of the things in WordPress, there are more than one way to add images in WordPress. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

WordPress Media Library

Media Library is your hub for WordPress media. This is where you can see your uploaded media in the backend and it can be accessed via the side menu bar in the admin area (Read here to see where they actually get stored in your database) Which ever the way you use to add images in WordPress, they will all be shown in the media library in thumbnail or list mode according to your preference. There are criticisms about WP media library simply because it does not allow you to organise your media in a folder system. Instead they are stacked in a chronological order.

Browse media in the Media Library

Once you add images in WordPress even though they are not organised in folders, it is not that difficult to browse media in the media library. Have a look
Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 20.23.23
1. First two icons are to toggle between “list view & thumbnail view”
2. Next drop down menu let you refine and select media by type eg:images, video, audio etc
3. Next one will allow you to select them by the date they were added
4. Bach select – Click on this button and then click on images to select multiple images. Once selected it will allow you to delete multiple items together.
5. Use search field to search by name.

Add images to Media Library

Enter the WP admin area. On the side bar on the left select: Media > Add New
You will now see this page.
add images in WordPress,

Here you can upload your images from the computer in two ways

1.Drag and drop on to the empty area
2.Browse and select file from its location on the computer

Each uploaded images is treated as an attachment post by WP. Click on an image to see these attachment details.

Attachment Details
Most of the fields are self explanatory. Let’s have a look at them in detail. You can fill these fields with whatever the information you prefer your image to have.add images in WordPress,
Basic Info On the top you find all the basic info about the media. (file name,file type, dimensions, file size etc)
url url of the image attachment page: Cut & paste this in the browser and it’ll take you to the image attachment page
Title Image Title: If you hover on the image on your post this will be shown
Caption Image Caption: If you add a cation it will be shown under your image in the post
alt Text Very important !: for better SEO add keywords here
Description Description of your image: for your reference
Further links Links to View, Edit or Delete attachment page
Editing options in media library

add images in WordPress
As you can see in the image there are limited options to edit your image in media library. You can:

1. Crop, Rotate, Flip horizontally or vertically and rotate a mirror image using the tool bar.
2. Define new dimensions to the image (Remember you downsize an image but cannot enlarge)
3. Define dimensions to crop.

That’s pretty much all about media library. But there are so many other way to add images in WordPress. To avoid the post getting longer I will cover this topic in two parts. Please go to Part 2 once you read through this. See you there !

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