Add images to posts, Side bar & Featured image in WordPress

Add images to posts, Side bar & Featured image in WordPress

A comprehensive guide to add images in WordPress – Part 2- Images in Posts

Learn how to add images to posts.Also you can add images to various places in your website such as side bar and footer very easily.Learn about the “Featured images” and the use of it in WordPress.

I hope by now you have read my posts about WordPress and media and Part 1 of Easy guide to add images in WordPress. This post will teach you how to add images to posts and many other places.

Insert/Add images to posts

With the latest upgrades, adding images to WordPress posts and pages has become so much easier.Furthermore, you do not have to know any coding to organise your media in the posts. Text wrapping, orientation, sizing and alignment are all done in one easy step. Let’s do it.

1. Place the cursor in the editing area where you want your image to be.
2. Press Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 20.57.51 button to open “Insert media box”.
3. In their you can:

  • Insert a single image with Insert Media selected
  • Insert multiple images, a photo gallery by selecting Create Gallery
  • Insert image from a url by selection Insert from url
Attachment Display Settings in Insert Media Box

Please read the part 1 of this post to learn about the basic attachment details. Here you will have more details mainly to do with placing the image correctly in the post.

Add images to posts
1. Alignment – Align Left, Right or Center. This is important when it comes to text wrapping. If you leave it at center the text won’t wrap around it
2. Link – You can link the image to a url, media or attachment page or none. If you link to a url, it will show the box for the url.
3. Size – Select the image size (Original size or Thumbnail size). The thumb sizes will be decided by the theme and WordPress setting.

What other way to add images to post

With Code – You can insert image with html code like this. (First find the attachment url of the image in the “Attachment details”.)

<img src=”………….url of the image goes here ……….”>

With Shortcodes Plugins – If you have installed plugins like Shortcodes Ultimate, you will have the options to add images via shortcodes in your post.

Add a “Featured image”

Featured image (or thumbnail) is a specific feature in WordPress. It allows you to add a special image to represent your post. It can;
Be displayed in the post header area ( Like I am doing in my posts)
Represent your post in other parts of the sites (Home page, category pages etc) with an appropriate thumbnail.
Represent your post in the web like in facebook, Google + etc with the image.

How you use your featured image is up to you and your theme. Let’s see how you add the featured image. Easy!
Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 21.58.30
If you Scroll down to the end of the post your will see this box to add the featured image. Click on “Set featured image” and it will take your to the Insert Media Box.

The same box you use to insert image. Then you add your image and click “Set featured image”. That’s it. ( Some themes may allow you to hide or show the featured image in the post header area by showing a tick box area in the edit post panel.)

Add images to Side bar or the Footer

You can also add images to various places in your WordPress site such as sidebar or footer. For this you have to go to widget area.
Go to Left side menu in admin area and then
Appearance > Widgets
1.Scroll down to find the widget called “text”
2.Click on it to find the areas you can add the widgets (Side bars, footers)
3.Select one of the area and click “Add Widget”
4.It will open the text widget box

Add images to posts

You can give a title to your image if you want. Then in the text area add the same html code we used to add an image to the post with the image url.That’s it

<img src=”………….url of the image goes here ……….”>

Some final notes

Here are some final notes on images that you should ponder about.

1. Make sure to use your keyword in the “alt text” area in the attachment details to tell the google what your post is about.
2. Be mind full of the image type. (See what image types you can use, here Select the appropriate image type to give you best cosmetic appearance with minimum file size.
3. Make sure your WordPress is not creating unnecessary thumbnails of your image. (See how to change the settings for this here.)
4. Use a plugin to crunch your image to reduce the hard disk space load. I use EWWW image optimizer which I have to say is very useful
must have wordpress plugins

That conclude the guide on add images to posts. I hope you read both part 1 & 2 to get the full picture. I hope you like the guide and would appreciate your thought on it . Thanks.

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