Best WordPress hosting service 2016 – How do we decide?

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How to Choose the best WordPress hosting service for your website?

OK now you have worked out everything about your website, and ready to go.Next to me is the most important part in the process. Choosing the best WordPress hosting service. It does not matter how pretty your site is unless people can’t see it. They will not see it unless it is speedy enough or not well SEO optimised.
Your hosting service plays a major part in this. Specially if your site is WordPress based you have to be really picky to choose the best hosting service for yourself.So how to choose? What to consider?. Let’s break the process in to three steps.

  • Learn about different types of hosting

Even though at the beginner stage you should usually go for a less complicated “Shared” hosting service, you should be aware of the other services available for you. Let’s have a brief look at each one of them.

Free Hosting

It is available yes. But do not get too excited. They come with lot of catches. Usually these are available in forums where people are offering a little bit of their space to cover the costs.They are not recommended simply because

  • Not reliable (They will terminate without prior notice)
  • Minimal access for modifications
  • Will ask to put their advertising banners or banner spaces
  • Select and register the domain
  • Limited storage
  • Not secure

It is a good idea to avoid them due to these obvious reasons!

Shared Hosting

The most popular method of hosting. In fact it is the most economical method which provides almost all the needs for a beginner to intermediate WordPress site.

  • Multiple sites are shared on a large server
  • Therefore quite affordable
  • Speed will vary according the hosting service
  • Reliable and secure
  • Appropriate for small business and personal sites

Highly recommended & best WordPress hosting for you, if you are at beginner to intermediate level. One thing to be mindful is that there is no such thing as unlimited storage as advertised by some companies. If you look like you are eating up a lot of space they will gently try to persuade you to upgrade to meet your requirements at a cost. So don’t believe in unlimited storage.Site Ground provides fast and efficient shared hosting for an affordable price.

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WordPress VPS Hosting

VPS stand for ‘Virtual Private Machine’. The physical driver of the host is partitioned into a virtual machine according to the client requirements. You are still sharing, but you are using a more dedicated part of the server

  • Gives the same amount of control as a dedicated server
  • More secure
  • Can install specific software
  • Reliable and secure
  • Has the privacy similar to a dedicated physical server
If you run a medium to advance business or has a very successful high traffic websites, this is ideal for you.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are separate physical servers that you lease from the hosting servers.This gives maximum control over your server.So goes up the price tag as well. I do not think you should consider this option at the beginning. This is useful for extremely high traffic sites and very advanced businesses.

Managed WordPress Hosting>

This has merged in the market in response to increasing number of WordPress users. Basically if you have a high earning website and don’t have the expertise and time for website back end maintenance this is ideal for you. WordPress is pre-installed. Things like backup, SEO management, Content management etc etc are done for you by the server team. AS expected the cost is high. WPEngine is the most popular site who provide this service.
Most of the other services such as SiteGround provide managed service for an extra charge. Web Hosting

  • Things to consider before deciding

If you visit the service providers websites there are so many things on offer and so many aspects of their service they boast about. Out of those, as a WordPress beginner what really does matter to you. What features you should judge the hosting services by. Let’s make a check-list of the most important things we should look at before making a decision.Click on the topics below.

WP optimisations
Speed optimisations
Stuff comes with package
  • STEP Three
  • Compare & choose the best WordPress hosting service

So now you have an idea of what hosting is all about. It is time to compare before deciding the best WordPress hosting for you. I have given this comparison table for you from Check what it shows. SiteGround comes on the top I think mainly due to support, WordPress friendlyness and the low cost

Here is another comparison for you to look at from wpsitecare
best wordpress hosting

  • SiteGround
  • Is what I recommend for you

Years of experience hosting multiple sites with SiteGround has enable me to safely and surely recommend them for you. They tick all the boxes. Reliable, low cost and is with excellent around the clock support in the form of live chat and phone support.

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