Create new WordPress post : Beginners guide

create new wordpress post

How to create new WordPress posts and pages

In WordPress creating a post or a page is very easy. Both are made in almost similar fashion. This is your guide to Create new WordPress post, the easy way.


So you have now got your website going and got the themes and plugins installed. Did you read the post about the WordPress posts and pages. Then now you are ready for to create new WordPress post.

Writing posts and pages is gonna be your core activity in developing your site. WordPress is a Content Management System and your contents are posted mainly via posts and pages. You do not need to know any form of coding to create new WordPress post or a page. You can write just like you would write on any word processing software.Even easier, you can write offline and just cut and paste.

As I have mentioned before, way of writing a post and creating a page are almost similar. In the beginning the interface (Add new Post screen) may appear bit overwhelming. But once you get familiarised it is so easy.So that’s the aim of this post, to introduce the interface to you.Let’s create new WordPress post.

Go to “Add New panel” to create new WordPress post

You can do this in two ways
1. Go to top tool bar > New – From the drop down select Post or Page.

2. Go to side bar
For Posts :Posts > Add New
For Pages : Pages > Add New

You are there? Good now let’s analyse it part by part.

Once you enter you will see an editing area with several sub areas. Content area is the largest and most obvious of them all. Have a look below.
create new wordpress post

1.Title bar – First you will see the bar with text showing “Enter Title Here”. This is where you enter the Post title. It goes in the title tag on your site. Google is very keen about your title. So you have to create a title which contains keywords specific for your post. You will see the title as a link to your post in other pages.
2.Permalink – Next you will see the permalink to the post. The Url that you will see on the browser address bar. You can directly edit it by clicking “Edit” button.
3.First Horizontal tool bar – WordPress add the “Add media” button here to import media to the post. It will insert media from your media library or from the computer in to the post. According to the plugins you have added, you may see some more options here.
4. Second Horizontal tool bar – General text editing and html tag tools
5. Visual or text editor – Visual editor is ideal for beginners with no knowledge of html or css. It is a simple word processer with real time feed back. But when you get more familiar with coding you will most likely switch in to text editor. Mark my word!
6. Content area – It is obvious you type and add your contents here
7. Bottom bar – This show you the word count and the auto draft save info

There are few separate boxes in the side menu giving you the total control of your post. Let’s have a look at them.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 21.55.44Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 23.20.05Wordpress Posts Pages CategoriesScreen Shot 2016-06-29 at 21.58.30

1.Sidebar options This gives you the options to have a side bar or not to have a sidebar for your post. If you have side bars it will allow you to choose theme specific sidebar types.
2.Header Again, according to the themes installed, it will allow you to apply various effects like “parallax or zoom” to your header
3. Publish area This gives the options to save the post as a draft or Publish it. Preview button let you see a preview of the post in the browser. Revisions allow you to go back in time and re instate previous Auto Draft saves. Visibility gives the option of publishing in public or private.Finally Move to Trash will delete your post.
4.Categories and Tags Allow to add taxonomies to the posts This function is not available in “Add Page panel” See why it is not available in pages here. Instead there will be a panel to select the parent or sub level page option.
5. Featured image Allows you to upload your featured image.

The area below the content area is mainly used by various plugins to add their control panels. eg:Yoast SEO, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

You can also add your own control panels here, by selecting them in “Screen Options” area. You will find the Screen option tab at the top right hand corner. From the drop down menu you can select various options such as author box, Discussions, reviews etc..
Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 22.30.37

So, thats pretty much about it.I hope this is helpful.Hopefully now you can get on with it and create new WordPress post and pages without a hassle.


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