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How to Find Keywords for SEO | Easy Keyword Research Guide.

Keyword is the king when it come to SEO. Most of the on site optimisation is done based on the keywords. This post shed some light on How to Find Keywords for SEO. Since perfect keywords leads to a perfect ranking on Google, it is worth while spending some time on this before your next post.

how to find keywords for seo

What are Keywords? What is a Keyword research?

This is an “Easy Tutorial“. So let’s keep it simple.

“Keywords are the words that people type into the google search box”

There…As simple as that.
When it is a combination of words, (most of the time it is the case) we call them keyword phrases.
If it is a such simple thing why has it become darn important?
That is because….. Google find the relevant articles and rank them on SERP based on these keywords.
Side question
When you write, should you write your blogs on a topic which interests you or should you write aiming at a keyword? Well if you have read this post so far you should know the answer by now.
No point of writing 1000 words and wasting your time and effort on a post which is not targeted at a keyword and thereby not ranking on SERP. Common sense.
So, looking for the right keyword or phrase is called keyword research. Like most of the things in the world, there is a method to it.

STEP 1:Train of thoughts

Think of a main seed keyword you would want to write about.For and example this post is all about keywords. So I wanted to focus my keyword research on the word “Keyword”.However, I ended up using “How to Find Keywords for SEO” as my key phrase!
So then, why didn’t I use Keyword instead.Because it is TOO GENERIC.

More generic the keyword the competition is higher !

Had I used that keyword I would be fighting with the leaders of the competition who already has very high-ranking in the game and there will be no chance for me to get nowhere near them on SERP.

STEP 2:Think Long tail keywords

What is long tails and why long tails. Have a look at this
How to Find Keywords for SEO, WordPress on page seo, wordpress seo

To the left of the chart you will find Short tail keywords. They are;

    More Generic.
    Usually one or two words.
    Competition is higher.
    As a beginner your chance of conversion is very low.
    However, attract more traffic.

To the right of the chart are the long tail keywords.

    Specific keywords.
    More words, may be 4-5.
    Being specific the competition is low.
    You will have a better chance of conversion.
May attract lesser traffic

As you can see, you will have a better chance of staying away from the tough competition and attract some genuine visitors if you stick with long tail keywords.

How to find perfect keywords?. Here is what I do

STEP 3: Check the trend

You can always get an idea of the popularity of the topic and the keyword by using Google Trends. Try google trends and see how “trendy” your seed keyword is.

STEP 4: Find the perfect keyword

This is how I do my keyword search after checking the trend and deciding on the seed keyword.

    1. Use google adwards

    Even the google keyword planner is not there any more Google adwards is still useful to find good keywords and get an idea of the competition.
    how to find keywords for seo
    You can see how fierce the competition is for the word “keyword”. When you press the button “More like this” it will show some related keywords.

    2. Check with Google search and Quora search

    Both of these are good places to see actually what words people use when they search for the specific topic.
    how to find keywords for seo

    how to find keywords for seo

    These are some search terms Google and Quora showed for the keywords “Keyword search”

    3. Expand with free keyword search tool

    I user ubersuggest for this and I am quite happy with it. You can expand your keyword to get a nice long tail keyword. It will show the competition and CPC (cost per click) for you to get an idea as to where your keyword stands in the google search.
    There are many more free keyword search tools. Check this post. It covers 12 such free keyword tools. Explore them and find what is best for you.
    Do you have a suggestion? Share it with us.

    4. Check the actual traffic

    how to find keywords for seoGo to google search and type your keyword within ” “. This will give the amount of search items found for this keyword. Look at the number circled for “keyword search”. Way out of my league!. If this number is more than 75,000 I stay out of that keyword.

    5. Think alternative words

    Nobody knows all the words in the world. Even if you know them sometimes it just don’t come to your head. There are quite a lot of online resources for this purpose like “”. Use them to expand and make your keyword unique.

    Minimise stop words

    Those dreaded stop words! Google stop reading certain set of words called “Stop Words”. Try to minimise them. Find a list of stop words here.

    6. finalize your keyword phrase to look human friendly and to make sense

    Remember it is not only the googlbots who read your article. It needs to be human friendly. Furthermore, it needs to be used in your sentences to perform on page SEO. If you can’t use it in a sentence you will struggle.

To recap How to find keywords for seo;

Everybody has a different way to find keywords. If you have enough money there are paid software you can download to do this. But I am still sticking to free resources. You have to try all the avenues and find out what is perfect for you. Main thing is sticking with long tail keywords in the beginning (until you become Neil Patel). This little extra effort you make to find keywords will take your precious work a long way.

How to find keywords for SEO is only one art to master for your on site SEO. Did you read my article on SEO? Even with perfect keywords you will not reach the target if you do other mistakes. Make sure you don’t make thesecommon SEO mistakes.

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