How to setup a WordPress website tutorial 2016

how to setup a WordPress website

How to setup a WordPress website
Wrote it just for you

Content management system is a software or a group of applications to enable a non technical common internet user to allow publish, edit, modify and maintain content, from a central interface.

If you stopped here, even so to read the title, you are thinking about creating a website or a blog. It is safe to assume that you also have heard about WordPress and looking for a “How to setup a WordPress website” tutorial.
Then this post is just for you. It is to give you an idea about WordPress and to guide you to build your first WordPress based website free of hazel. I have covered it in three easy steps for you to understand it easily. There are additional links in the post for further reading on some topics.

  • Decide on the platform

Get to know WordPress better

Before thinking how to setup a WordPress website you should get to know WordPress better. I love WordPress. It is the most popular content management system (CMS) currently available. WordPress was first released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Since then there had been several versions and currently it is version 4.4.1. It is scheduled to go on 4.5 in April. It is a free CMS software built on PHP and MySQL.
According to in 2015 December, 39% of all the websites in the world are running on WordPress. Compare this with the numbers of other leading competitors like Drupal and Joomla!
Wordpress website tutorial, wordpress, compare CMS.

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Why WordPress is this popular?

From above numbers and what you may have heard before, no wonder you were wondering why WordPress is this popular? What makes it to stand out? Well here is why.

  • Easy to set up and get going
  • Easy to customize
  • World wide support with themes and plugins
  • Versatile to make any form of website; blog or business
  • User friendly back-end for easy editing

And most of all…’s totally free

What’s with this .org and .com?

When you browse around about WordPress, you would have come across two options. and both are popular WordPress platforms well capable of serving you to build your blog or website.The difference is mainly in money you spend and the flexibility you are allowed in each platform. is ideal for a beginner blogger and it’s totally free. It is hosted at the open source WordPress site and has most options that you will need as a beginner blogger. Once registered you will be given a standard domain name ending with “”.Mmm doesn’t look like a pretty name is it?

When you keep on blogging and start comparing your site to the other attractive sites, you start thinking of customising your site to look better and add more functionality. At least that’s what happened to me!

That’s where comes in to play!

You find your own domain name and hosting company to host your website. Yes you will have to pay a certain fee for these services.Then you download the free WordPress software and you are good to go.
Please check this article for a fully comprehensive comparison of and

So in summery

how to setup a WordPress website ,,

Made up your mind?

So now with all that help have you made up your mind? If you have decided to use, go to their site and just enjoy free blogging.
Want to have little bit more adventure with…then keep on reading.

  • Select your domain and Hosting service

Decision time, names and homes

Now is the time to decide what to call your website and where to host it. This is your first real challenge.There are so much to choose from. Read good reviews and tutorials like this before making a decision. There are lots of resources out there.

Choose a Hosting Service

First big step is to choose a web hosting service. Hosting services come with various packages offering you different options for various prices.All most all of them these days provide you with at least one free domain name.If not you can buy your domain name from sites like “go daddy” and later move it to your hosting service.

There are plenty to choose from.So many options. Things that you have to consider when you choose your hosting service, are;

  • WP optimisation
  • Speed optimisation
  • Offers and Freebies
  • Most of all..SUPPORT
  • Reliabitity
  • Cost
  • Storage
  • Free services

To make this post shorter, I have made a separate post about how to choose your hosting service. I Strongly recommend you to read that in detail before going to the next step.

Your own domain name

When you decide on a Domain name there are some things to consider about.Tips that everybody follow are

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it short
  • Avoid hyphens & numbers
  • Do you want to target the area?(.au, etc)
  • Easy to type
  • Can you fit in keyword

Always try for a .com name
Some people even don’t know about .org .net. etc.!

  • Install WordPress and get going

Install and activate your own copy of WordPress

Go through the host account setting process

Depending on your host service account setting is slightly different. This usually involves below steps.

  • Select your package
  • Provide your personal info
  • Make the payment
  • Select and register the domain
  • Obtain the login info for the hosting site
  • Obtain the login info for your own website admin page
It is quite simple and usually well assisted by the support teams.For an example I will give Site Ground registration process.




Install WordPress

Almost all the good hosting companies provide easy one-click WordPress installation via c-panel(Administrative page of the host website).This takes only few minutes. If you ask they will also do this for you as well.
All you really have to do is

  • Login in to host account
  • Go to C-panel
  • Go to WordPresst
  • Give info as your domain name and admin name and password
  • Install

I will write another post on this and give a link here later to make it easier

Meet the admin page

Now you will have to go to your admin page. Usually it is like this

Put that on your address bar and press enter. It will take you to the wp-admin login page where you will have to give your username and password obtained from the hosting service. It appears like this

Once you login you will land on your admin dashboard.

Go and click on your site name on the left upper hand corner of the admin page and it will take you to your brandnew site which will look like this
Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 20.05.09
Thats it. You are now done and you have your own website with your own domain name, waiting for your command. Installing themes and styling this is another topic and should be covered in other posts.

Well.I hope you liked this how to setup a WordPress website tutorial. If it has helped you please leave your comments below.Have time of your life with your WordPress website.

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