Easy Guide to Install WordPress Themes

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Easy guide to install WordPress themes

This is so exciting! So you have completed your WordPress setup. [Of course easypressit guides helped you a lot:)] Now you are itching to dress up your website with a good looking theme.All good.But are you really ready to install WordPress themes?

What is a WP theme?

Essentially a WordPress theme is a package of pre-written codes to change the front end appearance of your WordPress website, while maintaining the original WP functions.

WP themes control

  • Front end appearance
  • Fonts & icons
  • Color themes
  • Blog, category,posts and page templates
  • Widget and shortcodes
  • And many more

Before jump into install WordPress themes

You really have to think hard and more, before making a decision about what theme you’re gonna install.Of course you can change your themes in WP.But not without problems. Settings and appearance of your website can be really muddled up when you change your themes. So think before you install WordPress themes.Consider these facts before choosing one.

  • Free or paid
  • Does it match your niche
  • If it is a business site, Is it Woo Commerce friendly
  • Is the appearance ok
  • Does it offer the functions you need from it
  • How good is the theme support?
So you see? A lot to think. Theme support is really important.

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Ready to install WordPress themes now?

So you are ready and know what kind of theme you want now. Lets get on with it then. In WordPress theme can be installed in 3 ways.

  • Three ways to install
  • 1.Theme search via admin area

  • 2.Upload via admin area

  • 3.Install WordPress Themes using FTP

Theme search via admin area

If you are happy with a free theme this is the way to do it. There are lot of very good free themes.
On sidebar menu goto;
Appearance>Themes>Add new
That will bring you a dashboard window full of massive collection of themes. You can filter them according to your requirement.
Once you select what you want;
Hover on that theme and click on the install button. Then you will see a window like this
install wordpress themes
You can now live preview the theme and activate it if you like it. If not you can delete it and go through the same process to try another.

Upload via admin area

If you have bought a theme from some other place by now you should have a .zip file downloaded which carry the theme files.Go to;
Appearance>Themes>Add new then click on Upload Theme
Then it will show

Choose the .zip file you have downloaded and click install now. Live preview and activate.

Install WordPress Themes using FTP

If you are somewhat advance and aware of how FTP transfer works this is another way of installing your downloaded theme.
1. Connect to your host using your preferred FTP program.(eg. Cyber duck,Filezilla)
2. Browse to the folder public_html>wp-content>themes

3. Then simply upload your theme file (you need to unzip the .zip folder) into theme folder.
4. Go to admin area Appearance>themes. Now you should be able to see your theme their. Go ahead and activate it

All good?. If your site looks cool now leave a nice comment for me here!


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