These On Site SEO Mistakes Can Hurt You Bad

Avoid These Basic On Site SEO Mistakes to Keep Google Happy

Just as soon as I finished writing a guide about how to do on page SEO I came across this very useful study about the common on site SEO mistakes people make. Study is very useful and I really think it nicely reflect the real life mistakes we make with on site SEO. Have a read through.

The study was done after collecting data on 100,000 websites and 450 million pages using SEMrush’s Site Audit tool and the results are shown below in the order of prevalence.

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Credits to – Semrush

So Which On Site SEO Mistakes are you guilty of?

Have a look at the graph. I think the most common on site SEO mistakes we have made are the most basics in SEO. Let’s look at them one by one.

Duplicate Contents 50%

Duplicates, duplicates

Read about duplicate contents in Google page to see what they have to say about duplicates. Some people stock there site with identical contents as an attempt to rank high. This is an ugly and unnecessary thing to do.By doing so it will

    Confuse the google as to what page to choose for SERP
    Resulting user experience is not so good
    Navigation within the site is difficult

As far as I can understand it is a big on site SEO mistakes if you stick with content duplication.What do you think?

Missing ALT tag 45% + Broken internal images 10%

Don’t forget to decorate your img with ALT

Can’t believe 45% of us are not taking the advantage of images. Avoid this SEO mistake by all cost. We all know how powerful images are at the front end.But at the backend it is even more powerful.

    Image title
    ALT attribution

All of these can be optimized to improve your on site SEO. Just add your keywords in there. DO NOT make this simple on site SEO mistake. Optimize all the images.

Another img related SEO error highlighted here is “Broken img links”( 10% ).Broken img link is as dead as a broken page link which can lead to poor Googlebot performance on your website.

Duplicates 35% + ↑text 15% ↓text 4% + Missing 8%

Bad on site SEO mistakes – Title Tag troubles

Title tag is one of the most important on site SEO factor. We all know that. So DO NOT mess about with title tags. See how many mistakes people have done. Take good care with the title tag. Not too much or too less text in the title tag. Make sure you don’t have more than one H1 tag

Meta description: Duplicate 30% + Missing 25%

Your Meta Description, Your Snippet

Meta description is the split seconds window to your post. Take care when you are writing one. I do not know how people had duplicate metas . May be they were using more than one plugins. But make sure you do not forget to write a meta description to each and every page or post.

Broken links: internal + 35% External 25%

Update your links

As well as this SEO error leads to on site SEO problems it can also eats up your crawl budget.As your site grows make sure you update your internal links.Too many broken links can give a bad impression about your web site to the end user!

Text to HTML 25%

Low text to HTML ratio

Simply means you have more HTML code than the text the end users see at the front end. Could be due to various reasons.

    Too much inline html and css codes
    Bad coding
    Hiding text for spam (I know you don’t do that)
    Slow loading site

Be mind full of this. Try to have a separate css sheet rather than adding inline. Be careful about coding and try not to hide text to load keywords. Google is way smarter than us.

Low word count 18%

Write proper write enough

I know it is challenging. But try to keep your posts at least to 300 words. Less than this, google consider your article is too thin. Out of all on site SEO mistakes this sis the one you can really avoid.

Too many links 15%

Too many links? not too good

Don’t get over excited with adding links to your pages. Yes they are important. But like most of the things in the world too much is not good. Try to stick to very relevant links to your topics only. Even the internal ones.

Language declaration 15%

Incorrect or no Language declaration

Do not take it for granted. Tell browsers what language you are writing in. Sounds silly but it is important. Add language cods according to this in to your head.

let’s recap

This is an eye opener. Let’s be thankful to SEMrush group for highlighting these important on site SEO mistakes. Most of the things are correctable if we pay attention.I will post more stuff on SEO to help you in the near future.

Don’t forget to read about keyword research on this post!

Did you mange to find some of these on site SEO mistakes in your web site?. Was this helpful. Let’s have a chat about it.

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