WordPress com vs org – Your guide to WordPress 2016

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WordPress com vs org – Your Essential Guide

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org has always been a confusing issue for the beginner bloggers. This post compares the two to make you understand them better

Lets meet the twins




wordpress com vs org

WordPress.com is the free WordPress hosting platform created by Matt Mullenweg.This is a free site where you can host your blog free of charge. It is fast easy and hassle free.
As with any free things there are limitations mainly in the form of customisations. However,to get on with blogging effectively, this is a good starting point for the beginners.


  • Easy and simple
  • Free forever!
  • Don’t have to worry about updrades,backup,hosting,SEO etc.
  • Good support
  • No need to register with search engines
  • Have the option of upgrading…for a price


  • Limited disk space of 3GB
  • No control over ads and footer credits
  • Cannot customize.Can’t use your own themes or plugins
  • Over all cost to upgrade is very high
  • Have to have the tail of .wordpress.com to the domain
  • No FTP or other ways of modifying the file structure
  • No custom codes, scripts or web analytics
  • No facility for business sites



wordpress com vs org

WordPress.org is the open source software which is free to download for your blog. Most of the famous bloggers use WordPress and it is this popular mainly because of its simplicity. You need to have your own domain and hosting to use WordPress.org. Once you get to know this big fish, I do not think WordPress com vs org is gonna be an issue for you anymore !This really has given the boost for people like you and me who are not coding geeks.


  • Full control over your content and customization
  • Can access your file system via FTP or cPanel
  • Use your own themes & plugins.
  • Massive online support
  • Control over your monetizing
  • Use your own coding, scripts etc to customize your site
  • Powerful search engine optimization
  • Domain name as you wish
  • All the functionality for your business


  • You have to invest for your own hosting and domain
  • In the beginning it may appear a daunting task
  • May have to use a little bit of coding to get the best out of it
  • You are responsible for backup, management and security
  • You are responsible for contents
  • You will have to do search engine optimization

Let’s recap, shall we?

wordpress website tutorial, wordpress.org, wordpress com vs org

So to conclude

I think you already have figured out what I am hinting at. GO FOR .ORG!. It is the best way to get your blog or business get going and reserve your little space in World Wide Web. It is relatively simple and at the end cost less if you really want to customise. It gives you more control. If you are already on .com of course you can migrate easily on to .org and you will find yourself on very familiar grounds. All you have to do is get your own hosting and domain. When it comes to WordPress com vs org question, I think my choice always would be .org.
So what’s it gonna be WordPress.com or WordPress.org? What are your thoughts?
If you select WordPress.org, check my post on how to set up a WordPress site

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