WordPress initial setup I

Wordpress initial setup

WordPress initial setup I

In this section I have lined up all the tutorials you should go through in order, before digging in to the real deal. It is quite important to get your basics right when you just enter this wonderful world of WordPress blogging. In the beginning, with your WordPress initial setup, you may need more help than you think.So this set of tutorials are written aiming to make you ready for your journey.

Read through them and follow the instructions.

First read about what WordPress is. Just to get an idea
wordpress com vs org, WordPress set up
Tutorial 1 – Get to know WordPress better


Now take your pick – WordPress.com & WordPress.org
Wordpress initial setup,Wordpress com vs org, easypressit.com
Tutorial 2 – WordPress.com vs .org – The twins


Choose the right hosting service for you
Wordpress initial setup,best wordpress hosting, wordpress hosting, www.easypressit.com
Tutorial 3 – Pick the best WordPress hosting service


Install WordPress and get going
best wordpress hosting, wordpress hosting, www.easypressit.com
Tutorial 4 – Welcome to your own WP site


Hopefully by now you have set your site up and all ready to go. A fresh start is always nice. Everything that you do hereon will give you very enjoyable results. To see that your site shape up exactly as you wish it to be is so satisfactory.It is mostly learn as you go. There are more than enough help online to guide you through. First it is scary. WordPress initial setup is the most important and most difficult part for a beginner. This is one reason why you should pick a good hosting service. That’s why the most important factor for me to select a hosting service is there support service. You invariably gonna need their support in WordPress initial setup. You will have lot of questions and worries in the beginning.

But don’t worry. Like I mentioned before, there is a lot of help out there.Use online resources as much as you can.

If you are ready go to the WordPress initial setup Part II of this tutorial. See you there!

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