WordPress Initial setup II

Wordpress initial setup

WordPress Initial setup II

(Please read through WordPress Initial setup I before reading this.)


Wordpress Initial setupFirst of all lets login to your site. Bring up your WordPress admin page in the browser. You can do this through your account in the host website or directly typing;


on the browser address bar
That will take you to the WordPress login page. Now using the WordPress username and password provided by your host, log in to it to start WordPress initial setup.


Once you login you will now enter your WordPress dashboard.At a glance it looks confusing. Dashboard is the main worktop of your website. Most of the tutorials start with an explanation of the dashboard and in fact advice you to try it out. But I would recommend you to avoid the temptation at this point. We will go through the dashboard in a separate tutorial.
Before that lets get some important settings right in WordPress initial setup.

1. Set admin info

Go to the top right corner where your name or word admin can be seen. Hover over it and it will show the link “Edit my profile” Click on it to show the admin setting page. For the time do these changes.
1.Choose a color profile you want.
2.Fill the “Name” section.
3.Fill the “Contact info” section.
4.If needed add a profile picture and give biographic details in “About yourself” section.
5.Change WordPress login password if you want.

2. Set Permalinks

Permalinks are the web addresses people and search engines use to link to your posts and pages. It is important to get the permalink structures as user friendly as possible.
Go to Settings > Permalinks

Wordpress initial setup
Your copy of WordPress will come with “Plain” permalink structure option selected (See above picture). This shows the website address and the numerical value WP give to each post. Not nice.
Change it to “post name ” as I have done above. Then each post’s address will show domain name and the post name.

3. General Settings

Go to Settings > General
Wordpress initial setup

1.Give a site title
2. A tag line
3. Your email
4. Keep “Anyone can register” disabled
Wordpress initial setup

Set your time zone, time format, date format and site language

4. Media Settings

Most of the themes we use have their own thumbnail settings according to the image requirement of that particular themes. Therefore it is unnecessary for WP to create its own thumbnails.
Wordpress initial setup

Go to Settings > Media
Set the settings as above to reduce the image load

5. Delete unused data

By default WordPress come with 2-3 themes installed in it . If you have made you mind about what theme you are gonna use, best to remove the other unused themes cause they can be a burden to your site.
Go to Appearance > Themes
Delete any unused themes.
Go to Posts > All posts
Delete any unused posts.
Go to Pages > All pages
Delete any unused pages.

6. Install important plugins

If you are using WordPress you surely have heard about plugins. They allow us to add extra functionality to our WP site.First of all you should consider installing good plugins to incorporate these functions.

1. Security
2. Cache
3. Antispam
4. SEO
5. Backup(Optional)

Do a good google search about best plugins for each function. There are very good free and paid plugins for each functions. Install them as shown below.
Go to Plugins > Add new
In there either you can browse WP plugins and install them or upload downloaded plugins form the computer.

So, in summery, it is a half a dozen vital steps that we discussed about which needs to be done in WordPress initial setup. Lets re cap them.

6 Steps in WordPress initial setup
1. Set admin info
2. Set Permalinks
3. General Settings
4. Media Settings
5. Delete unused data
6. Install important plugins

Now you are safe and ready to get going. Good luck!

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