Easy guide to WordPress Plugins

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Easy guide to WordPress Plugins

Know your WordPress plugins before you kick start

WordPress Plugins are some third party softwares you can integrate with main WordPress site, to give you access to additional functionalities.

Why Plugins ?

I am sure you have now install WordPress for your site. As we progress with WordPress, you invariably would realise not all the functions you want are bundled with WordPress. Hence the need of the WordPress plugins, in order to get those specific functions. Some clever people put some php coding together to make these plugins, which are easily integrated with WP.How lucky we are!

There are countless number of free plugins in the market and all most all of them are listed at the Official WordPress plugins site. You can access this via your admin page plugin menu.

In addtion there are premium WordPress plugins. You will have to pay some money to get them. If you are thinking about premium plugins, Envato market is an ideal place to start. They have a very good selection of top class plugins to cover all the functions you want.

There are pros and cons in both free and paid plugins.


It is free and easy to find
In some plugins, clumsy coding can effect your page speed
No or minimal customer support.
When the owner stop updates for the plugins? we don’t know


They are great looking and usually well coded.
Reliable and with excellent customer support.
Of course you have to pay, Usually one off but sometime annually.

Its your choice!

How to install WordPress Plugins

It is very similar to theme installation.Did you read my Theme installation post? It’s easy. First login and go to the admin page.
Once you are in the admin page go to the side menu. In there;

For free plugins: Plugins>Add New
Then select your plugin and press install. Once installed press “Activate”

For paid and downloaded plugins: Plugins>Add New>Upload Plugins
Then select your plugin .Zip file from the location in your computor and then press install
Once installed “Activate”

As easy as that. You can have what ever the functionality you want. Furthermore, this is the main reason we should select WordPress .com over .org if you really want to customise your site as you wish.

Finally, do you know there are web services like WP Theme detector which would allow you to detect any plugin a particular website use? If you see a cool trick a website has you can check that plugin and then easily add it to yours. Very useful.

That’s it. Hope you liked it. Please leave your comments below.

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